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Culture idea
Culture idea

Jinsheng · strategic concept

Enterprise strategy

Build golden win brand, build 100 years enterprise

To expand and strengthen the trade of vegetable oil industry and grain and oil, extend the industrial chain, innovate technology and products, strive to create a famous domestic high-end peanut oil brand, implement the brand strategic planning and double harvest of the group strategic goals.

Corporate mission

Industry serves the people and returns to society

[interpretation] to maximize the benefit value for employees, customers and shareholders; Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create wealth for society!

Enterprise vision

It has grown into a large diversified conglomerate with influence and brand power in China's grain and oil industry

Kingspec interpretation 】 【 group to vegetable oil production as the core business, with "since its main business, multivariate optimization, industrial upgrading, scientific development" of the overall train of thought, from the strategic kingspec brand construction as a core work, continuous reform and innovation, upgrade transformation, increase investment in enterprise, extend the industrial chain of peanut, thus promote grain and oil trade, import and export of foreign trade and electronic commercial logistics, and entered the biotech and food tourism, and other diverse industries, the industry vigorous development.

Jinsheng · value concept

Core values

Be honest, be honest

Honesty is the foundation of our culture. Jinsheng people strictly follow the path of integrity, advocate credit and pursue credit, gather energy with honesty, responsibility and performance, and seek recognition. Earn respect and gain trust with integrity, credibility and sincerity.

The spirit of enterprise

Innovation works every day and excellence is pursued in everything

Continuous innovation and enterprising spirit are the inexhaustible driving force for the reform and development of jinsheng group. Paying attention to development and pursuing excellence are the persistent belief and common pursuit of all our staff.

Management concept

Systematic, procedural, standardized and scientific

Management concept is the philosophical thinking of jinsheng people on their own management, and is the fundamental principle that jinsheng people's managers abide by together. The standardized system is the premise of all management. Jinsheng takes the construction of modern enterprise system as the standard, scientifically establishes the system, ensures the fairness, authority, adaptability and operability of the system, and achieves the goal of strict regulation, improvement of quality, improvement of efficiency and harmonious relationship of the system.

Enterprise style

Be noble and upright, and stick to your principles

The enterprise spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism is the attitude of jinsheng people towards high standard of work and strict requirements. The enterprise takes the lead in carrying out diversified management, deepening the internal system reform, adhering to the industry to benefit the common people, and strictly observing the product quality all interpret the spirit of jinsheng's pragmatic and rigorous enterprise. From the beginning of jin sheng's establishment, the integrity of the wind by the founder of the enterprise, deeply rooted in the blood of the enterprise. Jinsheng practices that the state "shall not lose assets, employees shall not be laid off, and liabilities shall be borne entirely", and shall be responsible to the state, society and employees. Jin shengren adheres to impartiality, justice, principle, strict self-discipline and dares to fight against the unhealthy tendencies. Zhengqi is the soul of survival and development of jinsheng, the foundation of establishing enterprise and the source of its development.

The enterprise spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism is the attitude of jinsheng people towards high standard of work and strict requirements. "Being upright, having a clean air, adhering to principles and strict self-discipline; From the beginning of Kim sheng, the integrity of the wind by the founder of the enterprise practice, deeply rooted in the enterprise blood. Zhengqi is the soul of survival and development of jinsheng, the foundation of establishing enterprise and the source of its development.

The style of work

Fast and efficient

Qisheng people adhere to the "interpretation" gold potential like thunder, the pursuit of efficient work style, down-to-earth, practical work method, urgent, urgent, center, speaking speed, efficiency, effectiveness, truly to vigorous upward spirit, morale, and high efficiency, fulfill their duties, down-to-earth, earnestly perform their duties, to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently.

Corporate ethics

Be honest and trustworthy and contribute to society

Honesty and trustworthiness: jinsheng adheres to the management according to law, pays taxes according to regulations, abides by the moral concept of honesty and trustworthiness, opposes unfair competition, and achieves the principle of honesty and credibility first. Contribute to society: build resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, promote local economic development, benefit local people, actively participate in social public welfare activities, establish a good corporate image, and achieve the harmony between resources and environment, and between enterprises and society.

Jinsheng · implementation philosophy

Business philosophy

Do product to do character first, do oil to have good report

Product is character, quality is life. Jinsheng always adheres to this core value concept and strictly requires every employee, every process and every link of operation and management to think about the interests of customers and provide the most high-quality, reliable and healthy products for the society and consumers.

Technical concept

Collaborative innovation and continuous improvement

Technological innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of jinsheng group. Jinsheng group cooperates with a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, and its new product research and development capacity has been steadily improved, and the efficiency of the innovation results converted into real productivity has been significantly improved. The r & d center constantly increases r & d investment, continuously improves product quality, and always dedicates the best quality products to consumers.

Factory training

Diligently creates magnificently, develops surmounts the dream

I love my job and devote myself to it. In the work brave to open up and innovate, dare to work hard, bear the enterprise heavy responsibility; To provide a strong source of power for enterprise development, we strive to achieve the dream of golden victory.

Security concept

Focus on safety and happiness

Safety is related to the health of employees, the sustainable development of enterprises and the harmony and happiness of families. Therefore, the safety concept is the basic ideology and guiding principle of jinsheng safety management. As a grain and oil production and processing enterprise, jinsheng always regards employee safety as the guarantee of enterprise development, organizes regular training and exercises on four-proofing safety, and constantly improves employees' safety awareness. We should firmly establish the awareness of "preventing problems before they occur", firmly implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", and put safety management measures in place at every link and position.

Enterprise policy

Quality for survival, technology for development

Jinsheng always adheres to quality as the foundation of enterprise, takes innovation as the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development, and relies on scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading and realize the leapfrog development of the group.

The quality concept

Food safety is more important than mount tai

Jinsheng group always regards product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, adheres to zero tolerance of product quality problems, satisfies customer demands with high-quality products and thoughtful services, and faithfully fulfills its promise to customers.

Environmental protection concept

Be friends with nature and co-exist with the environment

Jinsheng adheres to the laws and regulations, promotes clean production, carries out energy conservation and emission reduction, and creates the environmental protection policy of green processing. Through technical innovation, equipment transformation, new technology and new process, it achieves the goal of energy saving and standard emission. We should put people first and give due consideration to overall planning for production development and environmental protection, implement the plan simultaneously, vigorously promote the comprehensive processing and utilization of raw materials, and take the road of circular economy development.

Talent concept

Do your best and appoint people on their merit

Jinsheng strives to optimize the selection, training, use and retention mechanism of talents, emphasizes performance oriented use of personnel, scientific evaluation and selection of personnel, all-round and multi-level training of personnel, fully tapping human potential and making full use of human talents. We should adhere to the principle of putting morality first and employing people by performance. We should determine the position by ability, the position by contribution and the position by being decisive. We should establish a management mechanism that allows the position to go up and down and the staff to go in and out, so as to realize the self-development and value realization of the staff.

Learning concept

Based on the position, learning practice

[interpretation] the establishment of a learning enterprise is a long-term task of jinsheng, and the only way to improve the quality of employees. The relationship between learning and work should be properly handled, and the learning should be done in practice, and the learning and production performance should be improved simultaneously through the guidance of practice.