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Jinsheng group signed with China grain and oil association
  Time:2018-8-25 15:42:49

On August 25, 2018, China cereals, oils and grease branch society rui-yuan wang chairman, executive director of the university (whpu), the secretary-general Zhou Lifeng, deputy secretary general liu yl, oil and grease technology standards committee secretary-general to visit kingspec group, silver cheung, signed "oil branch of China cereals, oils and institute of science and technology innovation and brand building strategic cooperation agreement", kingspec group Gao Guanyong, general manager, deputy general manager, kingspec Song Lili, grain and oil food company general manager group deputy general manager Cui Yan peak, assistant general manager, director of the center for research and development, vestbo backbone and the related department to attend the meeting.

The leading experts of oil and fat branch visited jinsheng industrial park construction site, group culture exhibition hall, and had a discussion in the meeting room on the first floor.

During the discussion and communication, President wang ruiyuan gave full recognition to the rapid development of the company in recent years. The expert group highly praised jinsheng's site management, research and development innovation, production technology, quality control and enterprise culture, and the steady improvement of production technology was unanimously recognized by the expert group.

Gao Guanyong general manager said that the development of kingspec needs China cereals, oils and grease branch, care and support, more from the leaders and experts to help guide, and today China cereals, oils and grease branch society for science and technology innovation and brand strategy cooperation, will promote our company in product quality control, scientific and technological innovation, brand construction of rapid ascension.

Kingspec group in China cereals, oils and grease branch society and the social from all walks of life support and help, to "scientific and technological innovation and brand building strategic cooperation agreement" signed as an opportunity to continuously increased investment in science and technology innovation and research and development, actively explore the market both at home and abroad, a comprehensive upgrade enterprise management, vigorously implement the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, constantly promote company in the field management, quality control, food safety, health and nutrition, improve brand construction, promote the development of company better and faster.