Add:South area of daxihuan road, Junan county Linyi city Shandong, China
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County CPPCC visited Jinsheng Group to investigate food safety management
  Time:2018-8-24 15:42:15

On August 24, 2018, Zhang Junchun, the chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, led some members of the city and county CPPCC, accompanied by the county magistrate deputy magistrate, the county red cross president Wang Hongxia, and the county food safety office and the food and drug supervision bureau. , Visit Jinsheng Cereals and Oils Food Co., Ltd. and Jinsheng Catering Co., Ltd. to investigate food safety management. Vice Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference Li Guixu, Liu Hanhu, Zheng Peiqin, Zhang Hongbing, Wang Mingxiao, Zhao Yiqian, Secretary-General Mo Yuanzong participated in the survey. Deputy General Manager of Jinsheng Group, Song Lili, General Manager of Jinsheng Grain and Oil Food Company, Cui Yanfeng, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Assistant General Manager of the Group, Chen Ning, Director of R&D Center, and related responsible persons.

The leaders of the County Political Consultative Conference visited the Jinsheng Grain and Oil Pressing Plant, the filling workshop, the central kitchen of Jinsheng Catering Company, the on-site management, production technology, R&D quality control, food safety management, etc. of Jinsheng Cereals, Oils and Foods Company and Jinsheng Catering Company. The aspect is highly rated.

Jinsheng Group will take the opportunity of the Weinan County Government Coordination Research Food Safety Management Work Conference to continuously enhance food safety awareness and continue to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious products for consumers.