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Professor Liu Yulan, a special expert of Jinsheng Group, came to our company for a special lecture.
  Time:2018-8-17 9:17:06

On August 15th, Professor Liu Yulan, a well-known oil expert in China and a special expert in Jinsheng Group, was invited to hold a special lecture on “Peanut Oil Quality and Safety Risk Prevention and Control Technology and New Product Development Research” in the conference hall on the fourth floor of Jinsheng Group R&D Building. More than 200 people from Jinsheng Group's workshop production, quality control R&D, marketing and logistics departments attended the seminar.

 Professor Liu pointed out that food safety is a national strategy and a major livelihood issue. The quality and safety of edible oil production control polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, plasticizers, mycotoxins, chloropropanol esters and glycidyl esters, new product development, low fat (light Various aspects of lipid products, peanut products, concentrated protein, etc., combined with a large number of data and experimental cases, elaborated on the main hazards of various aspects of oil production, detailed the effective safety control measures, reports and pictures, close to production, so that All employees have improved their understanding of grease quality and safety. After the lecture, Prof. Liu and Jinsheng employees conducted in-depth consultation and exchange on the difficulties encountered in production, which provided the direction for the company to further improve the product safety and quality, and has guiding significance for solving the actual production operation in the future.

Professor Liu Yulan has given many guidance and help in oil knowledge teaching, process optimization and promotion, research project research, new technology development and application, and personnel training since he was a special expert of Jinsheng Group. The two sides have carried out in-depth cooperation and the combination of school-enterprise production, study and research. Speed up the application of results conversion.

Professor Liu Yulan is a professor at the Institute of Cereals, Oils and Foods of Henan University of Technology, a master's tutor, director of the Department of Oil and Fats, a national registered chemical engineer, director of the Institute of Oil Application Technology of Henan University of Technology, and deputy chief engineer of the Design and Research Institute of Henan University of Technology. He is also a member of the China National Cereals and Oils Association, the executive director of the Oil and Fats Branch, the deputy secretary-general, and the technical committee of the oil and fat standard of the National Grain and Oil Standards Technical Committee. In recent years, he has hosted and participated in the technical service, technology promotion and application and engineering design projects of large oil processing enterprises in China30. The research and development results have been promoted and applied in hundreds of oil companies, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. The overall technical level has reached the leading level at home and abroad, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the technological progress and innovation of the oil and fat processing industry.

“Survive by quality, develop by technology” to ensure the quality and safety of edible oil products is the eternal theme of Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management, ISO22000 food safety management, ISO14000 environmental management and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, established a sound quality assurance system, and strictly implemented the 7S management regulations, while giving full play to the importance of R&D centers and special experts. The role of continuous optimization of production processes, improve product quality, to ensure that the majority of consumers provide healthy, nutritious, delicious "Jinsheng" brand edible oil.