Shandong jinsheng grain and oil group marketing company
Jinsheng marketing company profile

Jinsheng Food Marketing Company is affiliated to Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group. It is an important part of the Group's peanut industry chain system. It undertakes the marketing and operation duties of Jinsheng Brand Construction, National Sales System Construction and Management, and is the bridge between Jinsheng Group and customers. With the tie.

The company strives to create a brand that is intimate with customers, upholds the health concept of advocating national “eat less oil and eat good oil”, and is committed to making Jinsheng peanut oil a model of high-quality peanut oil in China, and awakening people's emotional memories with high-quality peanut oil products. Wen "the taste of the old home."

The representative of high-quality Jinsheng peanut oil - Jinsheng native virgin high-oleic peanut oil and native virgin peanut oil, all use Jinsheng patent seven-star pressing process, the product smells mellow, the taste is good, fully embodies "less oil, The brand concept of eating good oil; while the original virgin high-oleic acid product has obvious scent characteristics and the oleic acid content reaches 75%, leading the nutritional health trend of peanut oil; the company's main product Jinsheng squeezes the first-grade peanut oil to be cost-effective. Win the love of the public.

Jinsheng Jiaxiang series of high-quality catering edible oil is a new generation of products launched by Jinsheng for the catering market, including: peanut oil, soybean oil, non-GMO soybean oil, blending oil, sunflower oil and other edible oils, fully satisfying the catering market. Diversified oil demand and improved customer quality.

The continuous development and innovation of products and marketing have enabled Jinsheng Peanut Oil to establish a good reputation both inside and outside the industry. It has won the honorary titles of “National First Safe Oil”, “National Pollution-free Agricultural Products”, “National Green Food” and “National Organic Food”. The national patent product high oleic peanut oil and native virgin peanut oil were collected by China National Cereals and Oils Association Awarded “Product Gold Award” and “Product Innovation Award”. Jinsheng trademark was awarded “China Famous Brand”.

In order to facilitate customer experience and purchase, the company will distribute the service system online and offline, and spread the brand concept through TV, newspapers, and online media. More than 60 offices and flagship chain stores have been set up inside and outside the province, and more than 1,000 distribution points have been established throughout the country. E-commerce has been used to establish an online mall, which has settled in Jingdong, Tmall, Vipshop, No. 1 and other electronic stores. business platform.

Jinsheng Food Marketing Company will use the sincerity to empower the brand and will launch a new round of “discovery journey” around the customers. From the dining table to the farm, customers can experience the different levels of the peanut oil industry and activate the possibilities of green and healthy life!