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Talent concept

Confident sunshine:
Facing challenges and difficulties, self-confidence is the cornerstone of personal success. If you are not confident, you will only dabble. Lack of confidence only stops you. Only if you have a positive attitude and fill your heart with sunshine, your enthusiasm will infect everyone around you, and you will gain more strength and courage under the sunshine.

Good moral character:
Topography, a gentleman with a thick virtue; As the sky moves, the gentleman keeps improving himself. Moral inspiration, moral people, moral people like the pillars of the roof beam, upright, admirable.

Good at learning:
There is no limit to learning. On the road of career, only by constantly learning and constantly summing up the experience of predecessors can I constantly improve my comprehensive quality and accumulate more wisdom, thus moving from excellent to excellent.

Responsible for integrity:
Trust is the foundation of a person. Longbang people must do what they say and do it. Be it to the customer, franchisee or colleagues around you, once you make a commitment, go all out and be responsible for your commitment.

Respect communication:
He who respects is respected. Knowing how to respect others will naturally earn more respect. On the basis of respect, we should be open to each other, avoid entanglements, accusations, things and people. We should seek common ground while reserving differences, communicate with each other and gain mutual trust and respect in communication.

Dare to bear:
Mencius once said, "if the sky is going to lay down a great man to be virtuous, he must first afflict his heart, strain his muscles and bones, starve his body, empty his body, and stir up his actions. Man is born in sorrow and dies in peace. People in the world, placed in the cause, must be in their position, to take their responsibilities, rather than buck-passing, opportunistic. Only those who can shoulder the responsibilities can make greater achievements.

Professional dedication:
Professional originated from professional dedication, which has two meanings: one is responsible for work and complete tasks according to quality and quantity; Second, take the initiative to work and serve, and improve on the original basis to create greater value for enterprises, customers and society.

Value co-creation:
There is no perfect individual, only perfect team; Individual value comes from the team, and enterprise value comes from every dedicated employee. We encourage employees to create self-value in the position. No matter how rich one's knowledge is and how capable one is, one must learn to integrate into the team, brainstorm together and use the team to achieve the enterprise and grow up.