Add:South area of daxihuan road, Junan county Linyi city Shandong, China
Group news
Jinsheng Group won the “National Grain and Oil Excellent Technology Innovation Enterprise” 2018-10-17
2018 National Commercial Technology Quality Conference Jinsheng Group Great Hall of the People Awarded 2018-10-5
Jinsheng Group wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy reunion! 2018-10-5
Jinsheng group signed with China grain and oil association 2018-8-25
County CPPCC visited Jinsheng Group to investigate food safety management 2018-8-24
County People's Congress representatives visited Jinsheng Group to inspect and guide food safety work 2018-8-21
Professor Liu Yulan, a special expert of Jinsheng Group, came to our company for a special lecture. 2018-8-17
Jinsheng Group’s 2018 annual Huangshan Tour was successfully concluded 2018-8-11
Warmly celebrate the Jinsheng Group won many awards at the city's talent and technology awards conference 2018-8-11
The groundbreaking ceremony of the Jinsheng Industrial Park project was successfully held 2018-8-10
Jinsheng Group welcomes German expert Frank to visit and guide 2018-8-10
The staff of the grassroots organization construction work meeting in the county visited Jinsheng Group to observe and observe 2018-8-10
2017 National Science Day Jinsheng Group welcomes many students to visit 2018-8-10
“2017首届莒南花生产业高峰会议”圆满落幕 2018-8-10
“凝心聚力·共筑未来” —2017金胜集团秋季运动会暨文艺联欢会圆满落幕 2018-8-10
金胜集团组织党员追寻红色足迹重温入党誓词 2018-8-10
全国农技中心高油酸花生考察组莅临金胜集团考察指导工作 2018-8-10
金胜集团参加中国粮油学会花生食品分会成立大会暨首届花生产业与科技发展论坛并做专题报告 2018-8-10
金胜集团2017年度全员游活动圆满结束 2018-8-10
“中国农科院与山东金胜粮油集团合作调研座谈会”顺利召开 2018-8-10

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