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Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group, founded in 1947, is a comprehensive group enterprise integrating oil peanuts, biotechnology, foreign trade import and export, food and beverage tourism, e-commerce logistics, ecological agriculture and other various operations. Grain and Oil Food Co., Ltd., Jinsheng Food Marketing Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinfeng Cereals and Oils Food Co., Ltd., Yinan County Jinsheng Catering Service Co., Ltd., Yinan County Jinsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinfeng Logistics Co., Ltd. has won the "National First Reassuring Grain and Oil Demonstration Processing Enterprise", "National Key Grain and Oil Industry Leading Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Agricultural Products Processing Industry Demonstration Enterprise", "China Quality Credit Enterprise", "China's top 10 peanut oil processing enterprises" and other titles, peanut oil production and sales ranks in the forefront of the country.

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2018 The Group's internal share capital increase, the registered capital of Shandong Jinsheng Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. increased from RMB30.76 million to RMB65 million; the registered capital of Shandong Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd. increased from RMB40 million to RMB66 million. On March 28th, Jinsheng Peanut Technology Industrial Park was laid, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and a total construction area of 160,000 square meters. It will build high-end peanut oil, special vegetable oil, peanut products and agricultural special food processing with an annual output of 600,000 tons. Plant extraction, e-commerce building, peanut museum, technology research and development center, conference center, reception center, warehousing logistics distribution center, peanut experimental planting base and ecological agriculture, etc. In August, the “Jinsheng” brand won the “China Well-known Trademark”. In September, the company was awarded the “National Peanut Processing Technology Research Center” by the Ministry of Agriculture. The name of the group company went to the administrative division and was changed to “Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd.”, referred to as “Jinsheng Group”. In October, the registered capital of 100 million yuan established Jinsheng Food Marketing Co., Ltd.


2015-2018 The Group carried out all-round transformation and upgrading, improved quality and efficiency, and implemented standardized management. In the past three years, the Group has invested a total of 120 million yuan to carry out projects such as peanut oil pressing, leaching, refining production lines, peanut screening, catering processing, e-commerce logistics and plant extraction. Technological transformation and upgrading have greatly improved the level of technological innovation and added value of products.


2017 Updated the production equipment of Jinsheng Grain and Oil Company, the supporting facilities of Jinsheng Biological Company, the main food processing production line of Jinsheng Catering Company, the central kitchen, the inspection center and the cold storage constant temperature library; the establishment of the academician workstation in July, the group obtained the demonstration of China's good grain and oil The company, China's top ten grain and oil influence brand, Shandong Engineering Research Center, Shandong Province transformation and innovation winners, China Business Federation Science and Technology Awards special prize and second prize, etc., hosted the China National Cereals and Oils Association Oil and Fats Branch President Office expansion The meeting and the China-European Intergovernmental Cooperation Project of the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute were launched.


2016 Formulated the "Four-Five, Five-Five" Ten-Year Development Plan (2016-2025), launched the "Double Seven Project" with seven development strategies and seven goals, and described the grandeur of "Building Jinsheng Brand and Creating a Century Enterprise" The blueprint is expected to achieve the goal of tens of billions of enterprises by the end of the "five-five plan.


September 2015 Shandong Jinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was registered and invested in the construction of the most advanced plant extraction production line in China, which increased the added value of products and extended the industrial chain. The group was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee to establish a "postdoctoral research station".


January 2014

Investing 20 million yuan, the new raw virgin peanut oil production line, using the company's original domestically advanced seven-star virgin technology, product quality is far superior to national standards, and has a unique flavor.

July 2014 

Hosted the 2nd China Peanut Elite Summit, more than 1,200 people from peanut suppliers, processing companies, export enterprises, machinery manufacturing enterprises and other industries from 22 provinces and cities across the country attended the meeting.


January 2013

The Group further deepened the reform, established a modern enterprise management mechanism, implemented the company's professional manager and department manager responsibility system, adjusted the shareholding structure and legal representative, and rationalized the management system and management system. The group consists of six holding and investment companies and seven logistics management departments. The legal representative of each company and the manager of the logistics management department hold shares in each company.


March 2009 The group has acquired 110 mu of land in the western section of the South Ring Road of the county town. It has invested in a new deep processing project of vegetable oil, peanuts and agricultural and sideline products. It was officially put into operation on September 21 of that year, creating the city's famous "Jinsheng Speed".


June 2008 Shandong Jinsheng Cereals and Oils Group Co., Ltd. was established, which consists of Yinan County Jinsheng Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd., Yinan County Jinsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinfeng Logistics Co., Ltd., and Yinsheng County Jinsheng Restaurant. Services Ltd.
August 2005

Invested 2 million yuan to build a commercial building along the street, investing nearly 400 10,000 yuan new dormitory building with a building area of 4,000 square meters. In December of the same year, Jinsheng brand pressed peanut oil won the product quality exemption certificate.


Jinsheng Shopping Mall, Jinsheng Supermarket and Jinsheng Food City were newly built. In July of the same year, 30 mu of land was acquired in the southern section of Daxi Road, the county town, and modern peanuts with peanut oil extraction, screening, peeling and roasted fruit processing were built. The integrated processing plant was commissioned on November 28 and officially put into production. Peanut series products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, and the top 8 export markets are listed in the city.

January 2001

Comrade Gao Fengshan, then chairman and general manager, once again reformed the company with a keen strategic vision, insisted on the principle of "no loss of state-owned assets, no layoffs of enterprise employees, and full liability of enterprises", leading the directors to buy out 350,000 yuan of state-owned shares. The company was transformed into a private-owned joint-stock enterprise - Yinan County Jinsheng Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. After the company was restructured, it was awarded the honorary title of "Top 30 Enterprises in the Province's Grain Industry".

October 2000

Yinnan County Jinsheng Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 2.18 million yuan. Its China has 350,000 yuan, accounting for 16%, and employee shares of 1.83 million yuan, accounting for 84%. After the restructuring, the company has renewed its vitality and vitality. The economic and social benefits of the company have steadily improved, ranking among the best in the same industry in the city and becoming a model for the development of grain enterprises in the province.


The state deepened the reform of the grain circulation system, and the storage and storage enterprises were separated from the affiliated enterprises. The crossroad grain management bureau was divided into the Yinnan County Grain and Oil Industry Company and the Crossroad Storage Station. The company has increased the development of foreign trade import and export business and took the lead in obtaining import and export rights.

February 1996

The company was approved by the county government as a small (1) enterprise. In December, it was promoted to a medium-sized grain non-industrial (2) enterprise by the Shandong Provincial Grain Bureau, and was ranked as the first among the top 100 grain management offices in the province. A typical speech was made at the summary and commendation meeting of the six provinces and one city.


The company invested 1.3 million yuan to build a peanut oil plant and a peanut screening plant. At the same time, it has increased the development of peanut processing export and peanut oil production and sales business, and formed a business pattern of "taking grain and oil trade as the leader, focusing on the grain industry, taking the food service as the window, and diversifying the management".


Comrade Gao Fengshan was determined to reform, and implemented the reform of employment, employment, and distribution of the three systems. He established the Weinan County Cereals and Oils Industrial Co., Ltd., and implemented the overall quality management of the work, formulated the management system and the duties of all employees, and further deepened the contracting. Management level responsibility system.

August 1986

The county's grain system personnel adjustment, Gao Fengshan comrades as the director of the Cross Road Food Management Office and secretary of the party branch. In 1988, it took the lead in implementing the responsibility system for work contracting, and opened up various business projects such as department stores, clothing, shoes, hats, restaurants, food production, etc. Crossroad Foods has embarked on the fast track of diversified development.

July 1947 The predecessor of Shandong Jinsheng Grain and Oil Group, Yinan County Cross Road Grain Management Institute was established. As the largest grain depot in the county, the Cross Road Grain Management Office is responsible for the logistical support of the collection, storage, transfer, transportation and support of the front line.