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Ten years development plan of shandong jinsheng group

Short for "double seven plan" (2016-2025)

In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the mass transfer efficiency, speed up the enterprise investment, the expansion of enterprise scale, the implementation of scientific development, achieve 10 years struggle, to achieve "create kingspec brand, create one hundred enterprise" vision, double seven planning special deposit sheng group ten years, is developing "grease peanut kingspec kingspec, catering tourism, biotechnology kingspec kingspec, ecological agriculture, electricity, financial investment kingspec files, peace kingspec civilization" the development of the localization.

I. seven development strategies:

(I) "peanut oil with oil" -- to expand and strengthen the leading industry of peanut oil and peanut and implement the brand strategy. Relying on the kingspec grain and oil companies, kingspec marketing company, kingspec import and export companies and jinfeng cereals and oil company, investment of 1 billion yuan, to create "industrial manufacturing and agriculture ecology" peanut industrial park, do industry leading, supporting base, with high oleic acid peanut oil, native virgin peanut oil, blend oil for frying, squeeze peanut oil and peanut products for the leading product, industry specialization, do fine, do big. Other series of oil and peanut achieve large domestic and international trade, striving for the largest domestic peanut oil manufacturer, import and export trader and distributor, striving for the establishment of high-end peanut oil domestic well-known brands.

(2) "golden victory of catering tourism" -- accelerating the expansion of catering service industry and creating catering tourism group. Relying on the kingspec catering company catering services, distribution centers, food production, such as project, through the participation to join, leasing of mergers and acquisitions, self-built platform, set up professional food production, food service, constant temperature storage, research and development, logistics distribution, online and business rooms, restaurants, banquet hotel collaborative operation of integrated industrial company, relying on the kingspec peanut culture museum and agro-ecological manor, build cultural exhibition, tourism, leisure entertainment, picking experience, catering food such as delicious manor, integration of local tourism resources, build kingspec catering, business hotel chain brand.

(iii) "the golden victory of biotechnology" -- specialized in the extraction of fine plants, promoting the development of scientific and technological innovation. Relying on the r&d center of jinsheng biological technology co., LTD and the group, the company has established a complete high standard biological medicine factory integrating the research, development, production, integrated packaging and terminal products, and developed terminal health care products, cosmetics and drugs, striving to become a first-class plant extract and biological medicine production enterprise in China. Cooperating with jinsheng's leading industry, the whole industrial chain operation mode of connecting the peanut industry vertically and cooperating horizontally. Truly make the industry "high, fine, sharp".

(iv) "the golden victory of eco-agriculture" -- the establishment of modern agricultural eco-manor and the development of featured and high-quality agricultural products. Relying on the group r&d center, kingspec farm, kingspec planting cooperatives and jinmao agricultural science and technology company, planning and construction of peanut planting experimental base, cooperate with cooperatives, farmers planting tens of thousands of acres of high quality raw material base, the other plans for fruit, vegetables, breeding, cultivation of good modern agro-ecological manor, such as collection of scientific research, education push, cultivated and picking, recreation, ecological tourism, product development as one of the high-tech park, supporting kingspec cereals, oils and leading industry and kingspec outspread and industries such as biotechnology, kingspec catering, further improve the whole industry chain.

(v) "e-commerce logistics, gold and win" -- constructing e-commerce logistics system and developing e-commerce logistics industry. Relying on the third-party e-business platform and independent e-business platform of jinsheng marketing co., LTD., we build an integrated e-mall center, focusing on selling oil, peanut products, food and other products, and forming an online and offline brand marketing and promotion route. Relying on jinsheng import & export co., LTD and jinsheng biological co., LTD, we develop the import & export business of cross-border e-commerce peanut, peanut oil, agricultural products and procyanidins. Relying on jinfeng logistics co., LTD., we will establish a warehousing operation center and logistics distribution platform, and establish a network, information-based and socialized logistics distribution service system. Relying on the distribution center of catering companies, an Internet of things e-commerce platform is established to develop cooked food, non-washing vegetables, semi-finished products and seafood products, open up special product distribution projects required by catering industry, canteen industry, community and supermarket, and establish a new operating mode of efficient flow of information flow, goods flow and capital flow.

(6) "golden victory in financial investment" -- to innovate capital operation mode and expand investment and financing channels. Relying on the financial department of the group, the enterprise management and audit department, the internal bank and jinsheng liangyou company, we will explore new financial models such as bank equity participation, small loan companies and financial and financial companies, expand the channels of financing and investment, expand the scale of enterprises through investment, acquisition and cooperation, accelerate the reform of shareholding system, and plan and operate enterprises to go public.

(7) "safe civilization and golden victory" -- inheriting and carrying forward the golden victory culture, and promoting the long-term development of the enterprise with culture. Relying on the group office, human resources, business administration department and logistics department, strive to make with characteristic of kingspec "the vital qi culture", "honesty culture", "striving culture", "family culture" and "Thanksgiving culture", accomplish culture guidance, safety to ensure, honest and trustworthy, law-abiding, its cultural soft power boost employees all-round ascension, ensure the security of the overall work stability, promote enterprise healthy and rapid development.

Ii. Seven goals (2025)

(1) joint multi-party investment of 1 billion yuan; (2) achieve sales revenue of 10 billion yuan; (3) to realize a total industrial output value of 9 billion yuan; (iv) import and export of usd 300 million; (v) realize a profit of 300 million yuan; (6) realize 100 million yuan in taxes; (7) the per capita income of employees is 100,000 yuan.

Seven development strategy, we will be in accordance with the implementation of the seven goals "double seven planning" as the guidance, carry forward the "innovation work every day, everything is the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, and the world always in sync, with The Times, constant innovation, scientific development, the rapid growth of China's grain and oil industry's most influential and diversified brand of large group companies, for the state, society and gold qisheng people to create more value, led by the great Chinese dream, struggle for the realization of our best annuity - a dream, the sails!